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Your counters, vanities and table tops may see daily use and abuse, but they don’t have to look that way. We can repair, clean, polish, and restore your stone countertops and make them look as good as new and protect them from stains and etching. We are the premier countertop retortion company in the Orlando and Daytona area.

What We Do

Have your stone countertops or table tops lost their shine? Are they stained, scratched, etched, cracked, or otherwise damaged? Your counters, vanities and table tops may see daily use and abuse, but they don’t have to look that way. 

We offer expert repair services and we can clean, polish, and restore the finish on granite, marble, limestone, travertine, soapstone and other natural stone and engineered stone countertops to like new, and protect them to keep them looking that way. 

Our technicians can not only resolve virtually any problem with your stone tops, but provide education in the appropriate care information for your specific needs, as well.

Stain Protection

Stain Protection

Are your stone tops vulnerable to etching and stains? We offer premium quality solutions to protect them. We offer impregnating sealer treatments and for acid sensitive stone, such as marble, we offer state-of the-art protection treatments

Some natural stone types are more sensitive or porous than others, but, generally speaking, all natural stone is susceptible to etching and staining. That’s why it’s important to have your natural stone protected, particularly counter tops or bar tops, which are most likely to get something spilled on them and become damaged. Whether you’ve had your natural stone tops forever and it’s time they were re-sealed, or the contractors just finished installing them, or somewhere in between, Elite Stone And Tile Care can professionally protect them, making them etch and stain resistant.

Stain Removal

If you find yourself with a stained top, we can help. If you want to treat the stain yourself and are looking for guidance, refer to our Stain Management app. Or, if you want us to treat the stain, give us a call. We can resolve most stains on all types of natural stone and get your counter tops, bar tops, vanity tops, etc. looking beautiful again.

Scratch & Etch Removal

Some people mistake etching for a stain or “water spots.” Many foods and drinks are acidic, and many types of natural stone are acid-sensitive. When acids cause a chemical change in the texture and appearance of stone, the result is etching. Fortunately, our skilled technicians can remove this damage, as well as scratch marks and dullness, and refinish your benchtops to like-new condition. We will also educate you in ways to prevent this kind of damage, such as always using cutting boards, preferably ones with a groove around the edge to prevent overflow of liquids.

Crack and Chip Repair

Pots and other cooking implements can be heavy and no matter how durable the stone, if you drop something on it at just the right (or the wrong!) angle – bang! Now you’ve got a chip. It’s the sort of thing that can stand out on an otherwise pristine countertop and just drive you nuts! But it doesn’t have to. Patriot Stone Restoration can repair most chips and cracks in a seamless manner.

Honing and Polishing

Can you tell what part of the counter you work on most because it’s duller than the rest? Our honing and polishing services can restore the evenly polished look of your countertops, change that highly polished finish to a honed (matte or satin) one or vice versa, delivering just the look you want.
Sealing & Protecting

How Can We Help You

For a free estimate on repairing, polishing, or sealing and protecting your countertops, table tops or bar tops, or any other natural stone or tile services throughout the Orlando and Daytona area, use our CONTACT FORM or call (407) 567-7660 today!