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Grout Color Sealing

Dirty grout lines?

When your grout lines are dirty, stained or discolored it makes the whole floor look bad.

How grout gets dirty and discolored

Sanded grout is porous and virtually anything that is spilled, including dirty mop water, accumulates on the grout penetrates into the pores, leaving you with perpetually dirty and unsanitary floors, no matter how often you clean them.

In addition, grout can become stained from the bottom of the substrate. Even the most aggressive cleaning methods will not totally remove these stains.

Are you aware of all the benefits of Grout Color Sealing ?

Watch our video to learn more about the advantages of grout color sealing. You’ll see why this is such a popular service in both residential and commercial settings.

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The solution

Professional cleaning followed by sealing of the grout lines is the solution. We provide two options for sealing your grout, clear sealer and color sealer.

Grout Sealing

Clear sealer is exactly how it sounds. A clear penetrating sealer is applied to the grout lines, plugging the holes, preventing spills from being able to penetrate. This is an excellent option for brand new grout or grout that still has a uniform appearance after professional cleaning.

But, what if there are permanent stains, bleached areas, or other discolorations? The ideal solution is color sealing…

Grout Color Sealing

Grout color sealing has many advantages over clear sealing. Uniform color is just one benefit. Color sealing gives your grout a completely consistent color, restoring a uniform appearance to your floor. Another very popular benefit of grout color sealing is that you can completely change the color of your grout to any color you want — from dark to light or vice versa.

Long term benefits

Once your grout is color sealed, the color sealer will prevent staining and make regular cleaning much easier and more productive. Even if you spill coffee, soy sauces, ketchup, etc., these spills will not stain the grout and will clean right up. In addition, color sealer has a constant-acting mildewcide so your floors stay more sanitary than floors with unsealed grout lines.

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