Orlando | Daytona Beach

  • Client:Homeowner, Orlando
  • Info:Tile and Grout Cleaning & Grout Color Sealing


Sometimes people don’t realize how dirty their tile and grout floors really get, because it happens gradually with time and use. Our clients were putting their house on the market and wanted everything to look as presentable and welcoming as possible. They repainted walls, had the carpets cleaned, and called on us for professional tile and grout deep cleaning services.


The large image shows the floor after the tile and grout has been deep cleaned and the grout color sealed. As you can see, our professional tile and grout deep cleaning services can produce dramatic results compared to regular mop-and-bucket cleaning, maid service cleaning, and even aggressive toothbrush cleaning. When our clients saw how clean and fresh the floors looked, they wished they had called us sooner.

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