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  • Client:Homeowners in DeBary, FL
  • Info:Granite countertops cleaned and sealed


The owners of these granite countertops made up their minds when the countertops were installed to have them regularly cleaned and sealed so that they would always be clean and sanitary and look gorgeous.


Elite Stone and Tile Care set up a schedule to provide regular maintenance to these granite countertops. Every time we visit, we give the granite a deep cleaning. We allow it to dry thoroughly and then apply a sealer, using a buffer (and a soft cloth in the corners) to work the sealer in. The homeowner allows the sealer to dry on the countertop for 24 hours and then uses one of our recommended care products, a stone-safe neutral cleaner to give the countertops a quick once-over.

Although this granite is several decades old, it still looks brand new and will look great for generations to come with our continued care.

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