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  • Client:Homeowner in Deland
  • Info:Granite countertop chip repaired

Granite Countertop Corner Chipped

This thirty-eight-year-old granite countertop certainly doesn’t look its age. That’s because it has been properly maintained with regularly scheduled professional maintenance services. When a small chip on the corner of the countertop appeared, the homeowner didn’t hesitate to address it.

Our Chip Repair Process

First, we used an epoxy filler, tinted to match the stone color, to fill in the chipped area. The filler, designed to harden in UV light, was ready in just a few minutes.

We removed the tape and covered the area with a special polishing compound designed for us with this particular filler. Using a soft, white terry cloth, we buffed and polished the filler until it blended nicely with the surrounding stone.

As you can see, only the homeowner or someone inspecting the countertop with a critical eye might ever know this countertop had been damaged. Taking care of small problems as they occur, such as this chipped countertop edge, has really made a difference in the overall appearance of this homeowner’s natural stone.

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