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Shower Pan Restoration | Orlando Have you noticed that the stone around your shower drain is darker than the surrounding stone? This is a strong indication of moisture buildup due to improper drainage,

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Should damaged dimension stone panels be restored or replaced? Dimension stone panels are vertically placed, non load-bearing stone slabs, found as an ornamental facing on both building exteriors and interiors, in both new

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Most people are familiar with hard water damage on natural stone, but did you know that soft water can also damage certain types of natural stone? Read on to learn more about soft

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Hard surfaces like natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, and certain types of tile, as well as the grout lines in between tile, are porous, which means they will absorb liquids. If such liquids are

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If you plan to list your home for sale, it’s a good idea to put professional stone and tile restoration on your to-do list. A simple way to improve buyer appeal and help

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What is Jerusalem Limestone? Sometimes our clients are misinformed by stone fabricators or installers about what to expect from their natural stone. This is especially true of Jerusalem limestone. If you are selecting

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Marble and other calcium-based natural stones are sometimes sold as granite. Since there are differences between marble and granite when it comes to acid sensitivity and porosity, accurately identifying stone will, in most

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Fabricators and restoration contractors often get calls about cracks in natural stone countertops. Sometimes these "cracks" are not cracks at all, but fissures, a feature of the stone that resembles a crack. How

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A question our clients frequently ask is, "How can I remove water rings on my polished marble?" This article explains what "water rings" are, and what you can do about them. Cause of

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Alkaline Can Etch Natural Stone Many people who own marble countertops, floors, or other surfaces are aware that acidic substances like vinegar, lemon, tomato, etc. can cause etching on natural stone, but did