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Perhaps the “Ask Our Pros” section of Stone Advisory Magazine should be renamed “Try to Stump Our Pros.” We’re sure that’s possible, but not today. One reader gives it a shot in the Summer edition.

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Grout Color Sealing Central Florida I had a conversation with one of my customers the other day after we finished cleaning and color sealing her grout. She shared the story of how she

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The proper way to clean granite countertops, according to Maurizio Bertoli People are often told to clean their granite with glass cleaner or a solution of dish soap and water. No one has

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Do you have or are you considering soapstone? Here are some tips for caring for soapstone and keeping it beautiful. For New Installations If your soapstone has just been installed, perform weekly oiling

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It seems as though you are hearing it everywhere these days: Color seal your grout! But is this merely the newest fad or is there genuine value in having this done? The answer

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First rule for proper care of your countertops, table tops, vanities, etc.: make sure they are properly sealed. To check, spill a little bit of water onto them and give it a few

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Causes and cures (and why we recommend white or very light marble never be used in a shower) Sitting in my office one morning I received a call from a very upset homebuilder.

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Are you a little confused about whether or not to seal your natural stone? You’ve done your homework and researched the topic on the web only to find that there are opposing opinions

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We get many calls from homeowners asking for Marble Cleaning services. While we do offer marble cleaning, we rarely find that what the customer is actually looking for is in fact 'cleaning' of

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WHEN YOU WALK ACROSS YOUR TILE AND GROUT FLOOR, DOES IT SOUND HOLLOW? Or when you drop a spoon, does it sound like it’s landing on an empty container? Is your grout cracking?